Hairstick Instructions for 3 different hairstyles.
3 hairstyles
The Classic Bun-Practical and fast for all hair lengths
#1Comb your hair back as if making a Pony Tail. Start twisting snugly all the way down. #2 The twisted pony tail will start to twist back around itself.  Tuck the pony tail END between the bun and scalp.#3 With the tip of the hairstick, grab a small part of the edge of the bun and EASE the stick down between the bun and scalp. Do not force. #4Grab some of the edge of the bun as it comes out the bottom.
The French Twist-Pretty for all hair lengths, especially short or layered
#1 Start with your pony tail twist in position low on the neck. When firmly twisted, pull end strieght up, #2 a pocket will form to one side. #3 Tuck the pony tail end into this pocket by folding ends down. For really long hair, you may have to fold the tail a couple times. #4 Weave the hairstick down through the length of you head. #5The tips should stick out the bottom. Some people can weave a 3 or 4 prong from the side to secure the french twist.
The Pony Tail-Fancy for Long hair, especially with curly ends
#1Twist your hair back like for Classic Bun. #2 Allow the tail to loop once close to the scalp. #3Flip the loop over itself.#4  From the top of the loop, grab a little hair and push the stick down along the scalp.#5 So that just the tips emerge.